Kids love Papatura….

With a world full of technology, devices, apps and Netflix it’s no wonder that some kids have forgotten what it’s like to dream, wonder and explore. Not at Papatura! 

Here your kids will relearn the art of conversation. They'll inter act with the local staff, learn about local plants, bush foods and medicine plants.. Learn the local way of arts and crafts and how to weave from coconut leaf, you might even master Pidgin English!

Your Pikinini's can fish and catch squid from the jetties, paddle a dugout canoe and snorkel on pristine reef right in front of the retreat. They can go wild up and down our open beach with you having nothing to worry about but simply relaxing.

Why not try racing some Hermit Crabs? or design a shell and see where he ends up during your stay. Papatura has complimentary use of water sport activities like paddle boards, canoes and vu-boards (boards with a viewing pane to see under the water), beach volleyball, darts, and table tennis.