Papatura Island is approx 270 hectares so with a small mountain ridge through the middle that is thick with tropical rainforest, this makes for some great walks. We are happy to send a guide with you to point out things that you might miss, our staff’s knowledge on bush foods and plants is great, you be amazed at what you can eat or use for medical purposes. See cycads that are 100s of years old, huge tropical palms, massive rain trees, strangler figs, exotic birds and unusual lizards and insects. There's plenty of small rock pools to soak in, waterfalls to cool off from the midday summer heat. Our walks vary if difficulty and most can be done with a reasonable amount of fitness. Dolfin Bae walk is a good starter walk with a mix of coastal rainforest and beach and for those who are up to the challenge why not try walking the length of the island which is about 3 hours return.