Solomon's premier surf retreat with 10 + waves, quality boats and guides to put you in the right spot.

Our local breaks vary on tides but all turn on when the conditions are right. There are waves to suit all standards of surfers and we have plenty of surfboards and long boards available for use if you're not travelling with one. Surfing in the Solomon Islands is all about getting away from the crowds we can guarantee it.

Papatura is a surfers' playground with a wide variety of waves in the area which vary from advanced to beginner breaks. Most are within a 20 mins boat ride.

The swell is fairly consistent and comes consistently from  late Nov - April from the north. It typically ranges from 3-6 foot and the breaks are very influenced by swell, tide and wind. All the waves break on coral reefs, at high tide there is plenty of water on the reef, less so as it drops. Most of the waves finish in deep channels but there is a need to be careful on the reef when there are two swells from different directions it can be easy to get caught inside. Caution is in order when surfing on reef breaks in remote areas like this. Remember this area has only ever been surfed by a handful of surfers, explore and you will find new unsurfed waves.

Anchovies - 1 of our favourites, a right hander that can barrel, wall, twist and backdoor. Offshore on south south/west wind. 
Dolphins - Sucky little left, normally clean when outside breaks are big. Mid – high tide

PT's - About 8 mins away and offers lefts and rights depending on conditions, when on it breaks 100 metres. Can hold a big swell and gets scary. All tides best with west or nor west wind. Shifty and consistent, always a wave if the swell drops out.
Kummas - A wally left south east of PT's, surfed on mid - high tide, offshore if blowing northerly. One of the prime waves in the area. Great spot to take photos from the boat.
Zoli's - fun left hander with the odd right about 15 - 20 mins away. Another great wave with a hook section at the end that gets hollow.
Blanchey's - is approx 20 mins boat ride and offers a series of lefts breaking along a 1 kilometre long reef. Barrelling sections, long walls and a few fun rights.

Tarzan's - a fun right and left peak on the mainland, a great family wave with local gardens in the background.
Watto's - a left about 25 mins from the retreat has a amazing beautfil backdrop ideal for photos, this wave can handle all sizes. When it small surf right next to the island or on a big north swell out in the channel.
Donuts - a longer right hander which breaks that's loads fun. Located 25 mins away - a great longboard wave.

A few others include - No Goats and Mangroves is a right hand mainland wave that's fast and hollow. Cleaner wave if the winds up.

But there's plenty more out there… Go Find Them!

Our surf package is $70 AUD p/p per day and includes all fuel, driver/guide with 2 surfs per day of approx 2 1/2 hours (in the water) at our local breaks.

For small to mid size groups we can arrange your surf time hourly, this gives you the option to fish, surf or island hop whenever you want. This service starts at $60 per hour and includes all fuel, driver/guide and fishing or snorkel gear. For example buy 35 hours for th week and use it how you please.

If you wish to head north for the day please arrange it with Peter the day prior to going. I suggest that you make a full day of it, take lunch, snorkelling gear and your camera.

What Boards?
Mid length boards are probably the best, reef breaks usually range from 3-6 foot in size.– the same swells that hit Hawaii arrive in the Solomons a few days later. Be aware if taking two boards in 1 board bag you may have to separate them for the Honiara (we recommend taking 1 board only) – Isabel return flight to fit them in the smaller plans. I suggest that you do not have any loose or valuable items in your board bag that could go missing. 

Papatura includes the use of boards for FREE, (pay for any damages) with a wide range including 6 Sups, 3 Mals, and plenty of short boards, fish type shapes and retro funky shapes. There’s something for everyone.

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